Sunday, 7 February 2010

Tarting up the tea towels!

My tea towels get a bit of a bashing, and don't last long, so I invested a while ago now in a dozen heavy cotton, good quality ones. Luckily, I came out with a bonus tea towel - 13 for the price of 12! I had them put away until I needed them, being of the mind to "buy when you see", or you'll look back later and wish you did. They're very nice, being plain white, but they're very - well - white! lol So, being me, I decided to tart them up a bit. The fabric is all from my stash, cut into a strip for each short end, then pressed over, pinned, tacked and stitched - simple and quick, but very effective. I've done four for now, with more to follow as I replace the old thin ones as I go along.
A nice option until I get around to weaving my own - lol


aromatic said...

They are gorgeous and what a difference the 'tarting up' as made... it makes drying up a pleasure!!
Love Jane xxx

karen jane said...

I think that tea towels are always at their most effective just before they wear out. I take all the good parts of my worn out tea towels and patch them together. I use french seams.