Monday, 8 February 2010


Isn't that just lovely? I bought one of these yesterday - we only went for couple of bags of seed compost! However, this tree was only 5.00 in the sale, so I snapped it up. I've known about them for years and always fancied one, so it's now out by the back door, ready to go up to the octagonal greenhouse later on. Doing a bit of reading about, I find that the petals are edible as well as the fruit; it's not very hardy (coming from Brazil), so I'll keep it under glass. I read too that it may need another for good pollination, but I'll see how I go with this one. I've never tasted the fruit, but I believe it can be eaten raw in fruit salads, also cooked, and has a sweet, fresh taste.
It's always nice to try something new and different, especially if it's half price LOL


MoominMamma said...

The fruit is incredible! They grow really well in NZ, and so many people just have them in the backyard - we would just pick the fruit, cut it in half and then push the flesh out from the bottom of the fruit straight into our mouths!
I haven't tasted one for years as whenever I've traveled back to New Zealand it's not been the right season.
Kath xx

aromatic said...

Never heard of it myself but it sounds delicious and the plant flower looks amazing. Looks a wee bit like the passion flower plant in this country. Prefer the colours of the Feijoa.
Will enjoy following the progress of this unusual plant....
Love Jane xxx

The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

I was lucky enough to go to Brazil last year, and saw all sorts of lovely plants in the botanical garden, that one really looks gorgeous, hope it stands up in uk climate for you.

MrsL said...

I've popped it into one of the greenhouses for the moment. If all goes to plan, I hope to get some oranges and a lemon too quite soon- they will go in one house, and teh feifoa can go and live with them.