Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Oooooohhhhh look.......................

.............up the top there ^^^^^^^^^ LOL

Thankyou to Leanne at Somerset Seasons ( for helping me out with this. I hope the titles are self-explanatory, and I'll get around to filling them up in the next day or so. Makes me feel a bit more


Carolyn said...

Ooooooooooh, looks great!!! Think that is what my blog could do with!
I look forward to seeing the pages fill up!!

Rowan said...

I love your new background and shall have to investigate the source for something similar. I love your new headings too, must speak nicely to Leanne:) I'm really looking forward to reading the entries especially under the books and make it sections.

MrsL said...

I'm sure Leanne won't mind me telling you LOL.
If you go into New Post at the top right, and lick on the Edit pages tab, it will come up with a blue buton saying New Page - that's it. Leanne reckons that although it says you can have up to 10, only 5 will show at the top, due to the width of the blog.
Hope that helps :)
I'm looking forward to getting pictures on soon.