Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ready, steady, sow.................

Couldn't wait any longer! LOL I've been champing at the bit with compost and seeds all ready to go for ages now! I made a start this morning with tomatoes, peppers and a few aubergines plus some basil.
Tomatoes are: Depp's Pink Firefly, Gardener's Delight, Roma,Ananas, Abraham Lincoln, Eva's Amish Stripe, two types of Brandywine, Eva's Purple Ball, Costeluto Genovese, Mortgage Lifter, Saltspring Sunrise, Summer Cider Apricot. Peppers: Tepin, Corno de Toro Rosso, Basques Sheepherder's pepper, Red Chickenheart, Amish pimientio. Aubergine: Violetta de Firenze; also sowed sweet basil, cape gooseberries, auriculas and Martagon lilies.
Outside, I cleared the last of the leeks, now braised ready for supper, forked the bed over and sowed the first of the green peas.
Indoors, potted up six tiny wee red geraniums for the kitchen windowsills in the summer.
It's been nice here today, bright and clear, but very cold, so I turned up the stove and did some cooking to warm me up lol I got all my housework jobs done too, and am looking forward to going knitting in the pub later on.
A productive, but unhurried day.:)


aromatic said...

Love those sort of days, sadly they rarely happen here..... Not helped by illness here as I am now on my second lot of antibiotics as I have had a sinus and chest infection from hell.....
I love the sound of the the geraniums on the windowsill...... perfect, just perfect!!
Jane xxx

Big mamma frog said...

Very envious here. Usually I'm champing at the bit, but can't seem to get enthused this year. Maybe when we have a bit more sunshine..?