Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tip booty!

A quick trip to the tip this morning in the pouring rain, but we had to empty the ash bin and take some rubbish, so my knitting and I hopped in the car and went along. Just as well I did, came back with this lot for the princely sum of one British pound LOL

Three balls of wool, three pairs of good knitting needles. an unused card of decently wide bias binding, a lovely old wooden cotton reel with a few yards of black linen button thread ( 7p from dear old Woolworths.............), and just over a yard of a nice piece of lace.
Oh yes, and what it's all sitting on - an almost new, unused Le Creuset griddle pan!
You can keep your John Lewises and your shopping centres, your fancy schmancy "cookware" shops and your overpriced under quality "haberdashery" (not sure if it any longer qualifies for that lovely word to be applied to some of the stuff we have to put up with these days) - give me secondhand from the tip any day LOL
I know how lucky I am for lots of reasons to have access to such a wonderful facility.:)


Big mamma frog said...

I so wish our tip sold stuff. The workmen used to haul out some o fthe bigger stuff and put it on the side of the road for donations, but now it seems that they save it up for the antiques guys in their rangerovers. Apart from that everything gets chucked. Such a waste. We did manage to salvage a beautiful wooden xylophone (worth about £100) on one trip though. The workman told the guy to throw it in the wood skip - gulp! Have also picked up a compost bin and a solid oak cd rack, but you have to grab it off the person throwing it in, before the workmen get there, otherwise it's gone gone gone to the great dumpster in the sky...

I really shouldn't go to the tip, it upsets me when I see wonderful useful and things thrown away to be pulped - I want to dive into the skips and rescue them!

Reb said...

We have a reuse shop at our tip. It supports Age Concern Warwickshire. I often go for a wander in, but the stuff it has in there is not always good.
I think a bit/lot of the problem is that most of the helpers are men. I think if they had a few ladies in there choosing what was to be kept it would be better.

MrsL said...

We're not allowed to take from people as they come in - it has to officially be put on the tables first - just have to be a bit patient!
Interesting point Reb - ours is mainly men, but one woman who keeps a lot of stuff out that the men would dump.
I like it when they get dining room tables in - they set them out with cutlery, china and vases of artificial flowers. Better than my house sometimes LOL



Auntie Noo said...

I really wish they did that here :( Apart from anything else it would make me feel better about taking stuff to the tip that I know someone could use (which is why my house is full of unused bits and bobs!) - I use freecycle and charity shops but sometimes taking stuff to the tip would be so much simpler!

& Le Creuset????? WOW!

Fubs-n-Spuds said...

Wow! What a cool bargain. Our local tip used to sell off the items at bargain prices to. We've had TV's; bathroom suites; carpets - all in tip-top condition to! (No pun intended there). The council put a stop to it though. Shame that.