Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Upalong and downalong.............

.....as they say in Dorset. I managed to get out for the first walk around the lanes of this year; bit later than normal due to weather and illness restrictions, but I chose a great day for it. The weather here is glorious today - no other word for it.
First of all the lane, down off the main street into another part of the village, very quiet; the next one shows some ice still there on the dark side of the road - fantastic patterning - an old high door in a barn I pass on the home stretch; an old culvert, newly visible after the winter's clearing of the verges and ditches, and a badger run up and under the hedge - there is a matching one on the other side of the road.

The second lot show a lovely old willow, with it's branches traced against a stunning blue sky; it's in the garden of the cottage getting its roof re-thatched, you can see the thatch waiting on the scaffolding; a view out and over the Blackmore Vale; the early morning sun squinting through an ancient hedge.

A morning full of the optimism of spring.


MoominMamma said...

For some reason the title of your post has got me singing 'Uptails All' from the Cosgrove production of 'Wind in the Willows'!

Thanks for sharing your walk with us, lovely pictures.


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

There is nothing quite like that crisp blue of a spring sky. You are heading into spring whilst we in the beginning of autumn. I live these two seasons