Thursday, 4 March 2010

It is time................

It's amazing what a couple of bright, sunny, early spring days can do for my demeanour! I am raring to go with spring cleaning, redecorating and a big spring push, so I can have as much time outdoors as I can in the summer.
Plans were thwarted well before Christmas due to illness, and again afterwards due to a long recuperation. However, I feel ready for the off now, and have a plan of order in my mind, starting with the bathroom and working through and down. I'll start with redecorating the bathroom, as it's not a huge job, but it will be very different when I'm done - going for pink/green/roses this time; it's blues at the moment, but needs a lick of paint and a bit of a change about - new pictures, new curtains made, a wooden towel rail, paint the shelves, new plants. Nothing expensive or fancy, but it will make a big difference in there:)
Next, out on to the landing, which also needs painting, the floorboards done and new curtains made for there too, and teh chest of drawers rejuvenated, a new runner made for it and the drawers sorted out for storage. Then into my bedroom - lots to declutter and clear, move some furniture around and strip some wallpaper for the moment, maybe paint the windows. Then, on downstairs, via the stairwell, where I have another couple of quilts waiting to be hung.
Then there's spring cleaning to do downstairs - deep clean the sitting room, make new curtains for it too, a new rug, and some cushion covers.
In between, I'll be outside doing the jobs as much as possible to keep on top of the seed sowing, planting and tidying.
Lots of decluttering to be done en route too, especially my books, which need another really good sort out.
Oh yes, and the windows.................I love the sunshine, but it doesn't half show that they need cleaning lol
Anyone else feel as optimistic and raring to go with the sunshine? I hope so!


Eileen said...

I'm with you!! Although here in Canada we still have a foot of snow but we've had sunshine and above freexing temperatures that make you feel more energetic. On the weekends I've begun to decutter bookshelves, closets and drawers. Plans are underway for a major dining room reno to start as soon as I am finished teaching for the summer -yahoo -a house filled with dust and paint fumes. I love spring!!!

MrsL said...

LOL I don't mind the dust and paint fumes - they're signs of progress!