Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Dorset gates - old and new

At last, we have a front gate! We had it made for us, it's a traditional Dorset gate, made by Townsend Timber, a local company about 6 miles from us.

Just around the corner, on one of the smaller lanes, is this one:

It's very similar in style to ours, vis the number of sections, and the diagonal cross bar; the major difference is that the cross bars on this one are wooden, whereas ours are metal. I believe the authentic material is metal, but there were ones made with wood, probably due to cost. This old one has a lovely galvanised maker's plate on it:

All the way from Cambridgeshire! A couple of clicks on the net, and I find the same company, English brothers, still existant, still in timber products, still making gates. I'm going to e-mail them the pictures I've taken , mainly out of interest, and just to let them knwo their gates are till good after what must be quite a few years! they may be able to date it too, just out of curiosity.


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Cool! Gates are great! :D

Anonymous said...

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