Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wild about the garden

I spent some time outside in the back garden this morning. I realised how much "wild" stuff I have out there! I was planting out some wild tulips and wild garlic in the orchard, under the trees. I popped in some tiny tete-a-tete daffodils as well. The garlic was being moved, but was well into new growth, so I'll look forward to harvesting that in a couple of months' time.
It's nice to have a bit of the wild side in the garden - with an eye to the longer future, we may well stay here, and when I'm older, I'll be able to go out and forage in the garden without having to venture too far afield. Thinking ahead, that is! I also havev sloes, bullaces, a tri-cornered wild garlic, hazels, elders, brambles around the boudnaries, nettles, wild strawberries too. Other things just seem to appear - there is a nice colony of celandines just getting going in the orchard too, and a new plant of arum lily appeared over the past week or so. Little beasties see to it that hazels pop up all over the place too! Technically not truly wild, but cultivated, but ever so handy!
I spent some time cutting back the hellebore leaves as well; as well as allowing the flowers to show themselves off more, it gives more light to what's underenath - little spring flowers now have access to sunlight, and myriad hellebore seedlings have appeared.
This one got lopped off in error, but it's nice to get a really close look at such a stunning bloom:

My friend M is a florist,and had done the lovely arrangement at the top of the post for her mantlepiece; I like the way it evokes flowers growing wild in grass, waving, airy and natural. I thought I might have a go myself if the daffodils ever deign to actually bloom! :)

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