Wednesday, 17 March 2010

First butterfly!

I saw the first butterfly of the year yesterday -a brimstone, always the first to be seen, and one of my favourites.
Spring is definitely here - everything is budding up nicely, daffodils are almost out, lots of oxlips and primroses, and the snowdrops in the garden are still beautiful too. Lots of birds about, and it's a pure and simple joy to be working outside with the sun on my back.

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Mrs M said...

First butterfly spotted in the garden yesterday, I think it was a small tortoishell but it fluttered past before I could identify it properly. Honey bees, two ladybirds, blackbirds picking up nesting materials and blue tits are checking out the nesting boxes, so Spring seems to have sprung in this part of Dorset. What joy.

Libby said...

Your so right it is lovely to be outside and have warmth coming from the sun!!

Anonymous said...

i saw my first brimstone yesterday too!