Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The absolute ultimate in unnecessary gadgets?

I think so, I really do. What's wrong with a pan, a chopping board and a knife??


They'll charge you 140.00 for the privelege too.............



Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I;m not so keen on those blender things but after spending the last few months chopping, slicing & dicing a multitude of produce for preserving I have to say that before next season I am going to get a food processor and I don't care what it costs lol :D I've spent so much time in the kitchen I've forgotten if there are other rooms! I type this as I wait for a huge pan of the last of the beetroot to cook so I can dice about 4kgs worth by hand! Sigh!

MrsL said...

This is more than that, though sue; you actually cook the veg in the glass jug bit, then ad stock, then whizz it up and serve it - it does the whole process.
I can see a place for a processor/blender in itself, but not an electric gadget that does it all in one go, just don"t see the "why" for it, when a saucepan will do for the cooking.



Carolemc said...

But just think Mrs L - you've "saved £140!!"

MoominMamma said...

Oh the TV advert for this make me laugh...it says all you need is a bowl and I shout at the TV 'what about a spoon!!!'
Yep, I agree, this gaget is stupid...I love my soup pan, and cleaning and chopping veggies is a lovely way to spend time with some good music on.
Kath xx

Anonymous said...

I always make my soups with an old fashion saucepan etc, but I do liquidise it in a machine so it's not lumpy.

Anne B