Saturday, 24 April 2010

James Dupre

It is a long, long time since I have been instantly smitten by a singer, but I found this on on Youtube - I'm a great Youtube fan lol - james Dupre.
It's rare that a voice such as this comes along; you may not be a fan of "country" music or "country and western", but have a listen. A pure, honest voice, from a lad completely devoid of guile. I love the way he is singing at home, often in the middle of the night - you can hear his family around him sometimes, and the films of him singing with his children are a pure delight; he sings in his home, just him, guitar (usually), mike and camera, singing directly into the camera, singing solely for you.
He has now got a recording contract and has released his first CD. I think he is destined for great things, and I hope he won't change.
A voice like his is a rare and beautiful treasure.

Have a listen to some of his other stuff as well; I like Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground, Let Her Cry, She's Everything and one of my very favourites - I'm Yours.

He's also rather easy on the eye ;))

Give him a go. :)


One of the mums said...

I agree he has a wonderful voice and predict he will go far! Thanks for mentioning him, I doubt I would have heard about him otherwise :-)

Hannah x

Auntie Noo said...

oooh he reminds me of Garth Brooks.... lovely songs