Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Doing things properly

It's nice to do things properly :) Sometimes, we're in such a rush that the details and niceties of life get passed over and passed by, and often, it's these little things that make the difference between OK and great.
A little example from yesterday; I was asked up for coffee by a friend further up the village, in the morning. She's under pressure getting ready for an exhibition (she's a weaver), so I went up to share a break with her for an hour or so.
She appreciates home made stuff, so I made some fresh scones to wrap up in a teatowel, delivered warm, cut some dark purple irises from the front pond and added a pot of home grown basil. I found a book I knew she would like, and popped the lot into my basket; washed my face, put on some make up and favourite earrings and a clean bright red dress and off I went :)
We sat outside under the pergola in the shade of a huge old grape vine, drank good proper coffee (I watched her OH grind it) out of handthrown mugs, ate warm scones with jam and watched blue tit parents flit in and out feeding their brood only 6 feet away. We looked at garden photos from last summer, wandered aound her garden, laughed and gossiped for over 2 hours in the end. I left with a box of various veg seedlings and an oven-ready rabbit...:)
I loved it, a really good way to spend a morning, I won't forget it, and she was ready to go back in and tackle her work afterwards after a break from it all.
I then walked home in the sunshine :)


IslandHome said...

What a lovely heart-warming post! I'm sure a cup of nasty instant coffee drunk from a 'made in china' mug, some sad cake from the supermarket and flowers in cellophane for your friend wouldn't have a resulted in such a special time together. Pleasure is in the details and taking time to do things properly - a little thought and effort can make something ordinary very special and bring so much pleasure and satisfaction.

Auntie Noo said...

I agree a lovely heartwarming post. What a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours.

Carolemc said...

That sounds like a lovely morning! I'm sure it did you good too.

I'm feeling very tired at the moment ....and really appreciate my Husbands work sorting the house and washing out....a friends offer to water my courgette plants while I'm away at the weekend....and when I stopped to speak to the friend whose garden my hens are in, she asked me in and spent time showing me her wildlife area and told me I could pop in there to sit and read or just enjoy the peace whenever I like. Things like that really lift you.

Jess said...

MrsL I love your posts, so idylic and copy from the other comments heartwarming.

tang x

Leanne said...

nice post sarah! we should all make time to slow down and do things properly...too many people cut corners, rush artound and dont take time over the little things...

leanne x