Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Moments in a day...........

- spending a few minutes right at the top of the garden looking out over the fields to the woods

- taking time to check the animals over as they rush helter skelter towards their respective breakfasts

-the coolness of dewy grass on bare feet

-looking out of the kitchen window whilst washing eggs

-ten minutes under the umbrella in the garden with a reviving cup of tea

-family being grateful, and letting you know, for good food in the evening

-conversations with friends

-the few minutes at a time when no traffic can be heard

-standing and listening to birdsong

-realising there's no rush for anything

-opening the windows for the cool of the early morning

-snatched moments to catch up with your book you'd rather not put down

-the moment when the oven door opens to take out fresh bread or a tray of shortbread

-putting away freshly ironed clothes and laundry

- watering the indoor plants

-moments when thoughts of friends pop into your head unannounced

-putting out the kitchen light when all the jobs are done for the day

-realising your children are growing up and into their own lives

-that snap of a moment when everyone else is in bed and the house sighs with you after another busy and satisfying day

-head hitting a good pillow with fresh linen on it after a fulfilling day

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