Friday, 15 April 2011


Colour is often the first thing that catches my eye; this weeks colourful finds have been the new Thompson and Morgan range of 'Heritage' seeds (not really so much Heritage as open pollinated seeds, but still nice varieties - I really couldn't resist the pretty colours of the packets - the seeds are a bonus lol - and a box full of edible food colourings, mostly new and unused, 30 of them, Edable food powder colourings, from the recycling centre. Colour and bargain all in one sentence there!


thesnailgarden said...

The items that people throw out never cease to amaze me! What a lucky find - I wish we had such a great recycling centre here. Best wishes, Pj x

Anonymous said...

will you be able to use the food colourings as dye do you think. Such a waste to discard them but I suppose if they gone in the dustbin no-one would have got them :(