Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Simplicity in nature

Spring in the garden is lovely and some of the most beautiful flowers appear around now. I've been out with the camera this morning - purple honesty, epimediums (I like to call them happy mediums lol), dandelions and apple blossom. The scent of the last is so beautiful and evocative, isn't it? I feel it's never truly been captured as a man-made scent or perfume, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I'd rather enjoy the seasonal fleetingness of it when it graces the trees with its simple and beguiling presence. There is a lovely branch of it hanging quite low over the greenhouse door, but I won't be moving it, or cutting it off - I'd rather duck and enjoy the blossom followed by the Devonshire Quarrenden apples. Being a biennial bearer, this very old variety will bear well for me this year; a beautiful apple, with reddy-pink skin, pink tinged flesh and a wonderful flavour. It's not a keeper at all, so needs to be eaten, another of the wonderful seasonal treats you get from nature - can't be beaten.

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mrsnesbitt said...

Nature's perfume is the best! I find the perfumes in department stores & chemists so overpowering and often get headaches when I am in the building for a while. I don't welcome shop assistants spraying perfume towards me either. God I sound an old fart! lol!