Monday, 11 April 2011

Time to put my money where my mouth is!

Well now, the universe has seen fit to land me back in Dorset for the time being. I won't go into details, but
I'm back at my own house, but won't be in the house long, I have my own accommodation planned.
I have a rather nice summerhouse/cabin in the garden, which I am going to re-fit to make it habitable, and live in there. Well - why not? I've been banging on about downsizing and simple living for years now, this is my chance to really give it a go.
It's a wooden building, so will need insulation forst off, then sleeping, cooking, heating etc arrangements. It's right in the middle of the garden, and I will be taking on the whole garden again, plus the livestock - still got the chickens, goats, ducks and bees.
Have had a head full of plans and schemes - planning the cabin conversion, the garden, making some sort of small income, all sorts. To begin with I'll have the back-up of the house ofcourse, for access to the bathroom and use of the internet. There's an outside tap, though, and enough bits around to make a good start on the whole thing. Eventually, I'd like a solar shower and compost loo; will be selling plants etc from my roadside stall again, and knitting/sewing.
I'll be posting on here about it all, with plenty of pictures now I've worked out how to get them on again. Watch this space and join me in the next mad chapter......................


Hedgehogpie said...

Wow Sarah, what an adventure! Sounds like you have the makings of a fantastic book on radical downsizing there, or a series of articles at the very least. Good luck with it all, and keep us poste! xx

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Oh my goodness, your full of surprises. Best of luck x

Mad Madame Mel said...

wow, sounds like another fantastic adventure, almost like being a kid again and making a den, all of your own, fantastic :)

Anonymous said...

Not what I expected and I am sure not what you expected either, but then life is like that. Good luck with your new venture. Look forward to it unfolding.
Hugs Mandy

Vivianne said...

Actually, I'd like the details LOL I'm nosey. Be careful of planning permission (change of use etc)

Sue said...

Yes you are full of surprises! lol
Stay Strong and Carry On, Girl!


Anonymous said...

More adventures, you really should write a book about them. Good luck and dunds from Kathy (Scotland)