Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Simple pleasures for a simple life

Dolly pegs and red geraniums in old clay pots by the door - can't be beaten. I got the basket of pegs at the car boot sale on Monday - 79 of them and their basket for only £1. The  6 wee geraniums, the traditional scarlet ones, will be grown on a while, then planted into pots to put by my cabin door.


Nearly said...

Hey There :)
I have been enjoying reading through the blog. I feel reassured that I am not nuts(entirely!) by wanting to make and grow as much as I can. I struggle to convince anyone around me that holy socks make great cloths!!(no, idont mean I prayed for my socks!!)anyhow, one wee question, you mentioned a table selling your wares. I am thinking of doing the same but I am worried about laws/taxes. Do you know any rules about setting up the "homemade table".Bestest.K. (my blog, The Nearly Dream)

MrsL said...

Will do a separate post nearly, later on today :)


Nearly said...

Much obliged. :)
Hope ur enjoying The sun. (if ur in Uk- not Scotland!!)Gardening is much easier when not wearing 25 layers for warmth!
Have a good day.