Saturday, 30 April 2011

Thoughts on trees...........

Thinking on trees this morning; I have three awaiting planting now - a Scots pine, the copper hazel and the Bramley apple.
First of all, every time I buy a tree a chicken seems to die. I like to bury chickens and other animals under a tree, so I know it will go undisturbed, but over the past few years, when I've bought a tree, it seems that a chicken dies within days. Convenient from one point of view, but a bit sad really. Stocks of hens now seriously depleted, so will be looking into getting some more very soon.
Next - wind chimes. Love them or hate them?  I like them, but I like good ones, not tinny wee things that don;t actually chime, just make an annoying tinkly sound lol (are you listening next door?). I have my favourite kinds, but both need attention. I had my aeolian chimes (the ones tuned to specific notes, a really beautiful sound) in one of the elderberry trees, but they eventually fell apart, and need fixing, so that's being done this afternoon and I'll find a lovely place in a tree for them so I can hear them. My other set are the big deep-sounding bamboo ones, hooked on to the cabin. They need a new bit put on to the end to catch the wind and make them go.
Thirdly - wind!  I love the sound of wind through trees, but up until fairly recently, none of my trees has been quite tall enough to get the effect and the lovely sound. Now the garden is maturing, and with it the trees, they've now reached a height where I can hear the wind through my own trees. How satisfying is that?

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