Sunday, 22 May 2011

Christina Rosetti

Found a very beautfiul book of her poetry at the tip this morning. Dating from 1908, it has the beauty of handcut pages, all riffled along the edges, and the inscription 'To my dear wife, xmas 1908'. This is the portrait in the frontispiece:
For the princely sum of only 50p, and for that I got a good piece of grill for making my smoker, and a big pot of viola labridoricus, complete with an as yet unidentified sapling in the middle as well!


Jane and Chris said...

Such a beautiful the tip!!!How sad...somebody once treasured that book, and now you do.
Jane x

ally said...

What a remarkable find. Her poem "Remember Me"seems fitting for the unknown woman of 1908 who will have left something of herself between the pages. She wrote the words to In The Bleak Mid Winter, which is such a lovely carol. I think that book has been waiting for you to treasure it. Ally x

Anonymous said...

what an amazing find and so very sad to hear it had been discarded..slip a note'tween it's(I keep wanting to call this book 'her') explaining it's provenence,
coffeee Sue