Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The daily wander

One of the highlights of my day is what I call The Daily Wander. After I've fed and watered the livestock, I take a long, slow wander around the garden to see what's appearing and what's doing well, what needs attention, what needs doing, that sort of thing. It's especially nice to do after a day like yesterday - a really good, long downpour in the morning has resulted in the garden looking fresh and revived, abundant and fecund.  There is a lot of colour - geraniums and roses taking centre stage at the moment, the blue of Johnson's Blue geranium is especially vibrant. Geraniums are such a wonderful all round plant - always reliable, pretty colours and foliage, fill a space well and respond to not too much attention given. Things of note this morning:
- pears doing well on the Beth pear tree, but not a huge crop yet, the tree is young
- purple podded peas are up and on their way
-huge crop of Devonshire Quarrendens promised
-lawn looks pretty studded with fallen pink rose petals
-the scent of fennel hanging in the air, looking stunning with jewels of raindrops among the ferny leaves
-Rosamundi almost out
- livestock all happy and healthy
-ash trees doing well, taller than me by a long chalk now lol
-first of the blackcurrants are ripening, almost time for the gooseberries too
-hops threatening to take over the universe again, hoping for a good harvest in September
-plenty of elderflowers still to pick
- twisted willow needs cut to allow the crinodendrun a bit more space
-need to take out the wee davidia I lost over the winter, luckily the only causalty
-beans are all doing well
-healthy looking baby quinces on the tree
It's a  good way to start any and every day.

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