Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Going with the flow............

I always try to do this; the old 'things happen for a reason' is, yes, trite and cliched, but it is thus for a reason -because it always rings true.
Yesterday afternoon, I asked Bean to pop up to the post office to post a parcel for me; turns out the new community post-office is only open in the mornings. Now, that is absolutely no problem whatsoever to me; now I know, I can post accordingly. So, I went out this morning, did my banking there and posted said parcel. Along with the post office side, the shop is now a community shop, run mainly by volunteers; I had a cup of tea with the two girls in the shop, who I've known for years in the village, turns out they were short-staffed; I have now volunteered for Wednesday mornings and emergency/short notice cover whenever needed - as happened this afternoon! I didn't leave until after 4pm. There were a lot of surprised faces when I popped up behind the till, I can tell you, for lots of reasons lol
Anyhoo, it means I could be in the shop at any time at all as well as the Wednesday mornings. I've done a lot of shop work of various types in the past and know my way around a till, love talking to the customers, so am going to enjoy it immensely.
Result: came home with 4 pints of free goat milk on its sell by date, and taking delivery of two un-needed drakes from one of the girls. I will also get all the out of date/sellby dated stuff for the livestock, so that will help things a good deal.
On the way back, I saw the library van in the layby outside my house, so popped in and re-joined; had to pay £2 for a new card, but what a bargain - free to borrow books brought almost to the doorstep every fortnight, and free request books so I can try before I buy, ordering them in online. I also got a couple of jigsaws to do, which are foc.
All in all, a really good day, all for being able to just go with what was happening at the time.
Life should be like that, no?

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The Barefoot Crofter said...

So nice when life works out in that way. We have a library van too - the man is very helpful and will try to get any book for us. Great service.