Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pea pod wine

Another seasonal delight from MrsL's winery lol
I bought these peas the other night as I couldn't resist them; I'm growing my own as usual, but they were a wee bit late in going on, so will be ready later. Good value - I got a decent amount of  peas and enough pods to make a gallon of wine. any one remember the 'Peapod burgundy' form  The Good LIfe? Well here you go!

Pea pods - I usually use the pods from about 2 -3 lbs  or so of peas
1 gallon hot water
1 large lemon
2 1/2 lbs sugar
handful of dried fruit
1 tea bag

Put the pods, along with any bits of stalk, leaf etc into a large pan, add the water and simmer gently for 30 minutes or so. Don't boil, or leave them much longer, or the fresh green-ness will be lost and the flavour not so good. Pour the whole lot into your brewing vessel, add the sugar and stir well to dissolve, add sliced lemon, dried fruit and tea bag. Cover and leave to cool to blood temperature, then add the yeast, stir well, cover closely and leave in a warm place 4 - 5 days, stirring daily. Strain into demi-john and ferment out Bottle and label and leave a year before drinking.


Eco Gites of LĂ©nault said...

I only do some early peas in the polytunnel and they are finished for this year. Must bookmark this post for next year ... although thinking about it I might try some late peas under cover this year as well.

MrsL said...

Even if they don't fully mature, you can still use the pods and stalks for wine.

pattypan.2 said...


I have never tried this wine - what is it like please. Does it make a drier type of wine or somewhere in the middle.