Monday, 13 June 2011

How to make a simple bird feeder

I bought one of these years ago off e-bay before I managed to amass a large stash of scallop shells; I've now got lots of them, so am able to turn my hand to these. Very simple and cheap to do, and look beautiful in the garden; I'll be making some more of them for water and more food and dot them about for the wee birds.

Take a good, unbroken scallop shell and, using a very fine drill bit, drill three holes - one in the centre where the scallop 'hinge' was, and one in the centre of each side. Get them as even as possible so that feeder will hang sensibly. Then simply thread through three lengths of fine cord, knotting each one underneath each hole. Then gather them together at the top and tie them round into a scure hanging loop, add seed and away you go.

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