Sunday, 12 June 2011

Limoncello recipe

This is a lovely, easy recipe, and one to make when good lemons are plentiful and a reasonable price; I got some beautiful, huge, organic  Spanish lemons last week for only 27p each in a local shop, so bought some extra for this. I bought the cheapest Co-op vodka too - the cheapest spirits are fine for home-made liqueurs I find.

1 pint vodka
4 large lemons
6oz white granulated sugar
5 fl oz or so of water

Make a syrup from the water and sugar, heat sowly and stir well; draw off the heat and leave to go cold. Meanwhile, pare the lemons thinly, avoiding as much pith as possible. Put the rind into a large jar or bottle and pour over the vodka, then  pour in the cold syrup. Cover and shake well; leave in a cool dark place for 4 - 6 weeks, shaking gently once or twice a week. Strain into bottles, label and store. Serve very cold, preferably from the freezer.

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