Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday morning

- and day 2 of my holiday :)   Woke up to find number 7 chick had arrived ovrnight, so very pleased with 7 out of 9 viable eggs. Yesterday, I was worried about number 5, took a very very ong time to hatch, and I had to help the wee soul right at the end, s/he was exhausted. The first couple of hours wa spent just lying there in the incubator with the occasional peeping , and a small chick, I didn't expect her/him to survive. However, the arrival of number 6 must have geed them on, and within an hour or so, both were up and running about, wobbly and funny. Add in  number 7 today and it's pretty noisy here!  All seem healthy and happy so far, and the older ones are at the chick crumbs and drinking.
Here we go, a day old Scots Dumpy chick - you won't see many of them about, being a rare breed, but they are all dear little things, and I think I'll keep them here with me rather than send them home to be looked after!

Yesterday was spent doing very  little at all, but I woke up this morning feeling much better than I hve done, both mentally and physicaly for quite a while. The sun is shining too, which helps a lot. I brought a big pile of fleece/s etc with me, really need to get a lot of spinning done, so will hopefully get to sit outside with the wheel later. 

Been a great holiday so far :)

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