Saturday, 4 August 2012

Fast food.............

Here in my holiday house I have the use of a large range cooker with a gas hob.  Having used a solid fuel Rayburn at home for 14+ years now, all I can say is what a difference!  The speed of the gas is astounding, had forgotten how fast it was, and it doesn't need constant attention and supervision lol  I also have the use of a microwave, which is interesting. I'm  not a fan of them for many reasons, but thought I'd try a baked tattie the other night; the inside was beautifully done, soft and fluffy, but the skin was soft and droopy with no flavour  at all - usually my favourite part on them, but not his time. Toaster and kettle also take getting used to, much faster than mine! However, I do miss my stove, especially for sitting up close to in the evenings, and snoozing by on a chilly afternoon ( yes, I know it's August!). Today I made blueberry pancakes for lunch

Still enjoying my holiday immensely - there are a few things I miss, but I will be back soon enough and am lucky to have another week here, although next week will be noisier as there are some builders coming to do some outside work, which involves erecting scaffolding and things. I must remember to get dressed when I get up then................   ;) !

Finished this today too, part of the holiday stash busting, knitted from the North Ronaldsay wool I spun the other day :)

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