Friday, 31 August 2012

Frugal Friday - taking stock

Literally today :)  I like to use the change of seasons to look forward and back a little and to see exactly where I am with things. Today it is definitely autumn - the light has changed perceptibly and there's a certain freshness to the air that comes at no other time of year, this is my favourite change over. Looking back at the summer just gone, it's been a very wet and cold one - very little happening in the garden because of illness and the weather, not much produce to show for it all. Looking forward, I can get the beds cleared and the greenhouses tidied and ready for the winter now, with a longer  view to the spring. There is stuff to be got though - John Downie crab apples will make jelly, there are lots of Jerusalem artichokes for soup and roasting, various herbs, a few eating and cider apples, and a good crop of parsley. Teh good thing about a well-stocked garden is that I can find something edible out there 365 days a year. Indoors, looking back, I find I made no chutney and only a few jars of raspberry jam - I just don;t need it, as the cupboard shelves are groaning with preserves still, so no point in making any  more until next year I think; same with fruit bottling. This gives me a good chance to sort through all my jars and other equipment. Aside from the food and kitchen aspects, I'm looking towards winter ia the woodstore and various craft projects. I hope to have to buy no more wood in, there is quite a bit available around the garden that just needs sporting, splitting, stacking, etc, and my craft stash will see me through many months.
So, from a frugal eprspective, very little to buy or acquire, giving me the opportunity to use what I have, rotate stocks of everything, sort out and get ready for winter and next year.

  I live in the moment with an eye on the past and an eye to the future  - peace of mind is the result :)


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Ali said...

Peace of mind is priceless.

I find myself in a taking stock kinda mood today as well xxx