Friday, 31 August 2012


 - I am in my mind lol  Am slowly getting organised with a view to moving on in whatever direction presents itself.  This takes the form of sorting out, decluttering, moving stuff around, using up, giving away, recycling - all that sort of thing and more. Spent the afternoon in the ktichen sorting out bulk foodstuffs for storing; some of it is emergency rations, some just bought in bulk because I use a lot of it, now all   stored away in a sensible fashion.
Earlier on, I'd sorted out various jars of homemade liqueurs, decanting them into bottles and sweetening with sugar syrup where necessary. All done now and the jars washed and dried and ready for stowing away tomorrow I'm going to need a lot of jars as I've just ordered a pressure canner to add to the ktichen battery - really looking forward to having a go at this after many years  of wanting to :) Watch this space (now that I've made one lol)

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