Monday, 5 November 2012

A world upside down............

I spent half an hour this morning looking through ( would hesitate to call it reading, so many pictures against little text) a back copy of the Sunday Telegraph magaine. A friend had kinly posted it to me, as there was a short article that I wanted to read in it, and I only foun dout about it after the event. Teh article was good, so I got that read, then had a look at the rest. Astounded and disbelieving that people pay ove r£700 for a pair of trousers/£57 for a tube of foundation make-up/£199.99 or a toothbrush/£80 for a secondhand 'vintage' bag.
Fast frward to this afternoon where I spent a distresing hour on the computer watchig a programme about the rise inuse of food banks and the people how ue them and why. Some of these people are below the poverty line below the breadline below any line you could possibly think to mention. I cried throughout most of it and felt sick to my stomach to compare what I had been rading this mornig to what I had watched. deeply affected by this these people hav no food to feed themselves and their children, and can get little help to get the leg up they deperately need.
Sometimes I'm ashamed to be part of the human race, I really am. What went wrong? How can we fix it properly so that everyone everywhere has at least enough to eat and not starve? I don't know the answer, and that worries and upsets me too.
There but for the grace of  God go I.


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