Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Food in England - the lost world of Dorothy Hartley

I have just watched the above programme on the computer; not often I'm so effusive about TV, but this is an excellent programme - informative, funny, evocative, thought-provoking, inspiring, excellent presenter, jsut everything about it was right. The very best bit for me was right at the end where there wa a short clip of Dorthy herself digging potatoes. What a woman.

BBC 4, 9pm 6th November - give it a watch, it's not all about food, more about the woman herself and how she came to do what she did - make one of the most important contributions to British food history.



Leanne said...

thanks for that, I will watch!

I have her books.. food in england/ water in england/land in england/ made in england... important books on my shelves! :-)

Leanne x

Disco Del said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I just watched it on iplayer and loved it.