Friday, 9 November 2012

RIP Jesus

My last little call duck died last night  :(   When we lived at our last house I had several Call ducks, and the girl who lived over the road took a fancy to keeping ducks, so plunged headlong into it, as she was wont to do with a lot of things, and got some for her garden. Upshot was that by the time we moved in the August of that year, she's had enough of them, so brought them up to me to have.That was 1997, so Jesus was 15 years old - a HUGE age for a wee duck.He was named before I took him on by the way. He was a wonderful wee character - would never win any Call duck prizes, he was pure white but was very long-legged and looked more like a seagull really :lol:  He got on with every other duck that was ever intorduced up there even the huge Runner drakes I have now, and the big Rouen drake I inherited year back - joined in everything, was part of the general duck group. His great friend was Gracie, my lovely Khaki Campbell duck, but he outlived her. He survived one fox attack (possibly more that we don't know about) and the horrendous badger attack too. He was a survivor  :D
Will miss him. I think there is a wee apple tree in a pot somewhere to bury him under  - if any duck deserves an apple tree, he does.
What a duck.

(the pic isn't of him but quite similar - think longer legs lol)


Anonymous said...

RIP Jesus (((HUGS))) Sarah xx (Kathy, Scotland)

Writing from the Edge said...

31 Sorry to hear about your duck. It is always so sad to lose an animal. I have lost all my special hens this year, and I miss them very much. 15 seems an incredible age for a duck, I must say!