Sunday, 21 July 2013

A sad tale of gooseberries

I have three gooseberries. That is all. On Friday I had 3 large bushes dripping with green gooseberries, and two with red. all gone, bar these three. Thought at first might be badger/fox, but on weighing up the evidence and thinking about it all afternoon, am now, sadly, convinced it was two-footed predators. There will be hell to pay if I ever find out who it was, followed by a prosecution. I'm now considering getting geese or llamas, possibly both. Sad beyond ken :( x


Frantic's Antics said...

Hi, this happened to us a few years ago- one day we had hundreds of lovely gooseberries, the next the bushes were stripped- it was pigeons! There is an old joke that you can tell when your gooseberries are ripe- the day the pigeons eat them all! I feel your pain- last year my feathered friends stripped my jewel like red currants! I beat the blighters to it today, but every year it is a stand off as to who can get to the fruit first!

Bradwall Hall said...

Yes it's the same here! Intruders of the feathered variety - blackbirds, magpies, pigeons.

MrsL said...

animals are easier to deal with psychologically to my mind; humans ought to know better and treat others as they expect to be treated, makes me sad