Thursday, 25 July 2013

Black Knight

This is one of my very favourite buddleias; the flowers are long, a very rich, dark purple and heavily scented.  It's not the favourite for the butterflies, they prefer the more common light purple one, but the Red Admirals and others do visit it. Mine is right outside the front door, the scent fills the open porch with a sweet promise of beautiful butterflies as we head towards the end of summer.  It looked at its best this morning when I opened up the house - long arching stems of velvet purple against a steely sky. I think more rain is on the way soon, it's in the air.


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AliD said...

Love this one too. OH admired it in a neighbour's garden last year and picked up a load of prunings when they cut it back in the autumn - we now have 6 new plants which we're growing on and hoping to plant out in the garden and paddock next spring :)