Monday, 29 July 2013

Charleston Farmhouse

I'm a huge fan of the art and crafts of the Bloomsbury group, and am lucky enough to be sending off for a ticket to have a house/garden visit and to see the murals at Berwick church, in August. I first went to Charleston back in the late 1980s, not long after it first opened to the public, fell in love with it all. I'm looking forward to re-visiting it again, will make sure I have my camera!


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Blue Shed Thinking said...

Try to find the time to drop in to Middle Farm on the A27 if you're in the area. Specifically to the cider & perry centre, where you can try before you buy!

BTW, went to Baylham House farm in Suffolk on Sunday. They have Dumpies. AND they breed Golden Guernsey goats.