Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day Two in the Holiday House

A lot cooler today, with a good breeze, much more pleasant. Very quiet day, only other living soul I saw was the cat, this morning, not seen him since...................and the garden birds.Heard horses and cyclists, not much else..Watered plants in friend's polytunnel, and had croissants and coffee for breakfast. Sewing machine still unhappy with me, will give it a day or two before I  give it a hard stare and a wagging finger in its general direction.  Knitted sheep's legs instead. Garden full of squabbling shouty wee starlings most of the morning, lovely and great fun to watch :) Morning shower was cold, as seemed to be no hot water, need to look into that, but not tonight. More success with new camera- got the strap attached/battery in/memory card in, then managed to install it all on to the laptop - well chuffed about that, small victories and all that. Had the luxury of a few hours sleep in the middle of the afternoon, slept off headache, but in the meantime have come down with some rather horrible bug, must have picked it up in town yesterday is all I can think of. Feeling really bleurgh, so heading up the hideously frighteningly steep wee stairs to bed, hoping to feel more like myself in the morning.

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