Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day one in the Holiday House

Hot and humid here still, not pleasant, weather-wise; finished some bunting, started another project, fell out with sewing machine. Egg and bacon for holiday breakfast, gin and Danish pastry for supper - and why ever not?  Took delivery of new camera after having discovered that cameras really don't bounce on Italian ceramic tiles.....  looking for
ward to getting to grips with  it, but not tonight ( see gin/supper comment)  Awoke this morning at usual time, but to almost silence - missed my Geordie and Donald at 5am. Lapsed back into sleep to be literally rudely awakened by very robust bleeping of friendy's alarm which they'd forgotten to switch off. Time will tell if I managed to beat it into submission. Caught up with two good old friends by phone, one very drunk and rambling, matched my mood perfectly. Missed one other friend on Facebook :( but will catch up tomorrow.  Now to try and sleep, bed is very comfy, but very big.............. need to go and open window again. Have found holes in favourite dress...................and need another lime. Seems to be raining now - that light, spattery summer rain.......

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