Friday, 23 May 2014

You too can knit a mountain goat

This is the latest addition to my frugal living library, bought for a couple of pounds on e-bay

It's from 1978; I often think the books and magazines from the 70s are much better than those of today, and I  am on the lookout for them all the time  growing, making, etc.  Some of my greatest finds have been the original Practical Self-Sufficiency magazines.  I fin the information and advice, instructions and illustrations in them much more informative than a lot of what is published today.  Good, basic advice and inspiration from people who have actually grown it, lived, it, made it, bred, it , cooked it etc.  Not just a half page extolling the virtues of some 'kit' or 'course' or other expensive nonsense.

A quick skim through gives the impression this will be a useful book; based mainly on the growing of food, preserving and harvesting.  There is a small section on alternative energy with useful looking info  on building a solar dryer - one of the things on my list.

Inside the jacket, the authors say this:
'This isn't an impractical 'weave-yourself-a-windmill',  'you-too-can-knit-a-mountain-goat' sort of book'

Looking forward to a more thorough read.

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