Friday, 6 June 2014

So frugal - it's free!

Am getting back into my really frugal habits now - these include entering every free competition  and freebie/giveaway I can - providing the prize is one I can use in some way - no interest in the exotic foreign holidays/gadgets/dodgy cosmetics sort of prizes.  I've been lucky this week - I won a pile of chocolate Belted Galloway cows in a FB share and like draw, a ticket for 4 to the Food Fair in Clapham (will go to a friend) and a free card/aura reading. Great start to the re-launch of frugality :)
I've also registered and started with several survey companies, so earning a few pounds etc that way too.  All free of charge thanks to the internet.
I've also re-joined the local Freecycle group and a couple of similar groups on Facebook.  It's all out there if you make the time to search a bit, and have the inclination.


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