Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Another week.........

........ flown by! Been a whole week since I posted in here, must do better:0) Have done a lot outside in the good weather - up to date with all the seed sowing, and the planting out of vegetables; still some almost ready to go out - more pumpkins, and some black runner beans. Everything else growing like mad - you can see day-to-day progress, which is good. Lots tidied and rubbish moved, new tater bed made and planted (Muscovies love sitting on it, must be the heat.......), nettles trimmed back from the compost heap and the shquashes planted on them. OH installed the new-to-us Freecycle freezer - just a small chest one, but will be sueful. Misgivings about another electrical appliance, but I think we need it, and if it's used efficiently, should be OK. If not, then out it goes - easy! Need to get out there today and sort out the current freezer and decant stuff into the new one.

Terrible weather here yesterday - blowing a hooley and lashing rain, so inside all day. Finished my book , and the Friendship quilt from the forum, followed by a fish and chip quiz over at the pub. Good fish, I think it was pollack, but not certain. We came third, which was good, considering how many teams there were, and theh size of the two teams that beat us!!

Getting excited about the wheat field now - see the pic for the current state of the ears. Hopefully I will get good enough weather to ripen it when the time comes.

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