Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Let the tree hug you...............

These are just the most beautiful thing I have seen for a long time:

I need to save up for one of them, I'd love one..............truly a thing of great beauty.

Edited to add, or I could have a go myself.......found some pictures and instruction on Instructables! Off for a think.


hen said...

I was just about to say 'don't spend that much money on them!!'

If you find it tricksy making one your self, I am more than happy to make you one (with some help from my OH's lathe skills!) from any of these woods... Oak, Beech, Hawthorn, Damson, Cherry, Apple, Ash, Birch. I should be able to inset it too (depending on what you would want!).

OH is a jeweler and I've been looking into making wooden jewelery with precious stones in or inset patterns. I've not made one yet though.

It's so weird that you've posted this!!

Leanne said...

they are lovely rings, arent they? my two favourite trees are the Oak and the Holly, i'd love a ring mixing both woods, maybe i'lll save up and talk to Hen too!

leanne x

hen said...

Oooh, I left Holly off the list didn't I!

hmmm... I might make a few and see which ones work together. See how long they take to make and work out a price. Ooooh, ooooh!! I'm all inspired! I feel like I've had me bum kicked to move ahead with this!! Blimey, what a top post! Thanks!


I don't half get over excited. tut.

MrsL said...

Laughing at Hen!!! Nice to inspire..........I thought tehse rigns stunning, and would be prepared to pay teh going rate for such a beautiful piece; *however*, being me, I am more than happy to have a go at making one myself; would be very interested to see what you produce, so keep us posted as to how it goes. I'm desperate for a pole lathe here, but looks as if I'll have to build my own, as OH too busy and no time. so much to explore, to make, to be inspired by...........