Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Postcard from Provence

This is the latest quilt, just a small one, but I enjoyed making it in its cheerful colours. It is inspired by the book Provence Quilts & Cuisine, by Marie-Christine Flocard and Cosabeth Parriaud, a lovely mix of quilting and recipes. I couldn't afford enough fabric to make one as big as their Memories of Provence, so I made a postcard sized quilt instead, at about 11" square. A case of cutting your quilt according to your cloth, I suppose :) I bought the printed Provencal cotton from e-bay, the colours are gorgeous, and very evocative of Provence. The little picture blocks are printed on to transfer paper, then ironed on to white cotton, the images coming from Google. The blocks were pieced by machine ( early 1950s Jones hand machine, for machine buffs.......:) ), then minimal hand quilting on the blocks, to preserve the patterning on the fabric. The batting is some strips from the scrap store, herringboned together to get the right width. I just need to attach a hanging sleeve and label it, then it's ready to go up on the wall. I use the landing wall, which is quite high, to hang my quilts on, this will be the first one to go up in a while, though - must quilt more!!!!


Ragged Roses said...

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I love the "postcard" the fabrics are beautiful

Jitterbug said...

How lovely - I am so glad that you managed to make a lovely quilt from the book I sent you. There were some lovely ones in them. Sigh! I really must try and get into a quilting circle here in Christchurch, Dorset but there is a waiting list.

Leanne said...

its so sweet sarah, well done!i love the printed images.

Leanne x