Friday, 17 October 2008

Simple pleasures in the home

It's a beautiful sunny, warm autumn day here in Dorset - the garden is full of birds singing and doing their own bird thing, lots of flying insects, also my own bees are out and about. Chickens and ducks sleeping in the sunshine, goats chewing the cud, cows next door lolling around........I'm inside for the moment (hope to get out a bit later), having swapped yesterday for today regarding going out/shopping/errands, etc. These are some of the things encountered this morning at home.......
I did the ironing this morning. I quite like ironing - transforming an untidy heap into nicely pressed and folded clothes, waiting to be taken and put tidily (I hope :)) away. My favourite type of ironing is household linen - pillowcases, tray cloths, vintage bits and pieces acquired, newly laundered, coming out bright and clean, cared for and loved again.
This wooden rack, liberated from the tip for a few pence some months ago has now been cleaned up, and is awaiting finishing, ready to go up in teh porch when I get it decorated, hopefully soon. Not sure whether to wax it or paint it, but probably coming down on the side of matt white at the moment........However it's finished, it's a lovely wooden piece, with the bonus of being emminently useful out there!
The little stool was the star find this week - for about one pound or so at the tip; not old, but folding metal verdigris legs (need slight repair, but usable in the meantime), with a beautiful needlepoint top to it. Is that not just lovely?
Finally, this is how I started today - we make our toast on the Fire of the Rayburn, and have for the past couple of years since the electric toaster went. MrL made a wire rack with handle, and the bread toasts over the coals - real, old fashioned tasting toast. We had it with fried eggs this morning. Can't get much better than that..... :)

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Leanne said...

fab finds sarah!

Leanne x