Monday, 13 October 2008

Taking a Sabbath

I've been working towards having Sundays "off" from work - housework, gardening, paperwork, decorating etc. I've almost achieved it, yesterday I almost got there! Apart from one load of washing hung out and one into the machine, I more or less had a very relaxing day. Started with a bit of computer time, followed by feeding adn watering livestock ( always has to be done!); full cooked breakfast; washing up from that; baked some chocolate chip shortbread; made a murgh makhani curry for supper; had coffee and biscuits outside; watched three videos in a row - one on the Welsh countryside with harp music, followed by an hour of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, then an hour about the Aran Islands - sat in the rocking chair working on a pumpkin dishcloth pattern; put together a small quilt top for a wallhanging with a Provencal theme; made the supper, washed up and tidied away. That was it - nothing strenuous, and I feel refreshed and ready to go again this morning! One day a week like this will help to recharge my batteries, and I managed to enjoy it without the slightest shred of guilt!! :)


Greentwinsmummy said...

Well done,I have been trying to do this for a while,its quite hard :oS but I started by doing no washing,thats a toughie when the weathers grand & you know it will dry in a whistle. I actually sat on the sofa & watched a bit of a film yesterday,unheard of for me & it was very nice lol!

Pixiedust said...

Well done MrsL, but you still managed to get alot done. Would love to see a pic of the pumpkin dishcloth when its finished. x


Your day of rest sounds like a lot of rest... but remember, it doesnt' feel like work if your really enjoy doing it. And sometimes it's enough to PRETENd to enjoy doing it, knowing it helps the family!!!!

Willow said...

Good for you, Mrs L! I think it's really important to try and achieve a balance in our lives. I think it goes hand in hand with living a 'simpler' life. When I've worked hard in my garden, I often forget to just sit and enjoy it for a while ... too worried about getting on to the next 'job'!
Willow x

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

I did very little too as we went to the beach :-). I did make pizzas to eat there, walk the dogs and do the animals but then had a lovely 4 hours reading whilst the boys wore themselves out.

Rosie x

Kim said...

Sounds like a lovely day, and your shortbread looks yummy too :)

Kim x