Monday, 3 November 2008

Giving at Christmas

This year is going to be different. Up until now, I've been organising and thinking about presents for giving to friends and family at Yule/Christmas. Mostly handmade, some bought, some recycled, the usual. On Friday night, there was footage on teh news of people scrambling on the ground in PDR of Congo for a few grains of rice and scraps of food from the little aid that has reached them. Human beings should not be existing like this anywhere in the world today, but sadly, far, far too many are. They are the ones who need the giving, not my friends and family - they have everything they want and need, and are in the lucky position of being able to secure anything else for themselves. So, this year, apart from my children and OH, there will be no giving of presents or gifts. Our money, instead, will go to help one of the relief charities that try and help desparate people like these. I will slip a little note inside the cards I send to let everyone know, but this year that's how it's going to be.


Frau Putz said...

I totally agree with you on the issue of the poor people around the world. I too feel for them - and wish I could do more.
On the other hand I was very surpriced to read, that you would not give away any presents this year. Mainly because I thought (From reading your blog) that you made most of the presents yourself - and how much money would be saved then?
I absolutely love your list of homemade gifts - and have found great inspiration in it. Both because a homemade gift is far more personal than anything bought in a store, but also because you gave me so many ideas as to inexpensive gifts, and being on a budget that is greatly appreciated.

Michelle said...

Every Christmas time I tend to purchase Christmas Hampers for most of my close family and friends and usually wait for the marks and spencer sale to start so I can get my hands on a fair few all at once.

I also love to put together my own hamper for those less fortunate than me and try to do everything I can in helping needy countries and families every Christmas. For me it makes Christmas.

MrsL said...

Thanks for the comments, both, it's appreciated :) Frau putz - I do make most of my own gifts for birthdays Christmas/Yule, and other occasions, mixed in with a few bought bits too. however, that footage of those poor people trying to scrape up food from the ground, trampling the children underfoot in pure desperation decided it for me, for this year.
The money we send will be instead of any materials purchased to make gifts, the postage, wrapping, and any bought bits I would have sent - I haven't learned to make chocolate yet, so I buy that LOL
My children and OH will get the usual presents, a lot of them home made too, with wee fun things bought as well, but I try to buy from ethical sources as much as I can, and where money goes to good causes.

Michelle - hampers are a great idea, as you can tailor them specifically to the person on the receiving end - size and content wise. It's lovely to get soemthing with a litle extra thought wrapped up in it.

Again, thanks for your comments, hope you continue to enjoy the old blog!

Goosey said...

Well said...we do the shoebox appeal every year both at work and my old Church does it too.I love to think of some childs face when they recieve the box.

Susan said...

Having lived in Africa where needy people are so sadly commonplace, your sentiments are truly justifiable...but it is a tragic fact that so much of the money we send to charities just doesn't get to these poor souls in the form of food, or shelter and so often finds it's way into the pockets of corrupt officials. Please choose your charity very carefully. Sue.

MrsL said...

Thanks for your comment, Sue. I'm fairly savvy about charities, and I haven't decided which one yet. If you have any recommendations as to a good one to support, I'd welcome the suggestions.


Kitschen Pink said...

We love doing the shoeboxes - when he was little, beautiful boy would call it 'the box for the crying boy'. Last year we gave 'a goat' for an african vilage as one gift! You get to involve the recipient in what you are doing so they get to feel virtuous having done very little except being your loved one! I think Oxfam do those sort of gifts too. It's that saying - 'give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for life'. I like the idea of it. Ultimately I think Christmas should be about doing what makes you feel happy. Giving, in whatever way, is the biggest part of it for me! t.x