Thursday, 6 November 2008

Quiet morning...............

Not feeling like doing much housework or things today, so I didn't! LOL I turned up the Rayburn and sat in the kitchen this morning, doing knitting-type things. First, I trimmed the edges of the little red stockings I made the other day, quite pleased with them. Then I knitted the bear - he's from Debbie Bliss's Toy Knits book, which I've used a lot, the aptterns are wonderful. These will go on the WI Christmas stall with the rabbit and some scarves and other bits I hope to get done.

It's a cold, grey old day out there, not very inspiring at all; I'm tired too, so just feel like mooching around and keeping warm. I might make some cake in a while. Bean is out until later tonight, so is MrL, so it's just EJ and me tonight. Fairly quiet, then, although he'll be playing music upstairs I should think. Easy tea, some tidying up and a clean of the fridge, then that'll be it for the day. I don't feel like doing much else, but I might get some sewing out.
Up early tomorrow and off out to market - Friday already again. I want to start collecting up some bits for Christmas, and buy the dried fruit for cake and pudding. Not much on over the weekend, although there is a quiz in the village hall; now I've rejoined teh committee, I'll have to go, but will be quizzing rather than organising, as it was udnertaken during my time off the committee. Haven't been to a quiz for ages, so might enjoy that!

Cake, anyone?


aromatic said...

It is a very dull and damp day.. soggy leaves and muddy days as I call them!
Think you deserve a day off from the housework.. you are always so busy I do not know how you do it??? I wish I had an ounce of your energy... must be eating those delicious looking cakes so full of lovely wholesome ingredients!!
Errrr.. I will just take one please!! will go very nice with a good cup of tea!
Jane xxx

Willow said...

Oh, they look lovely! Just in time to go with my mug of tea! I often have days where I seem to have no energy at all - and it's great to just 'give in' to it and do something easy, or curl up and read a book for a while. Other days, I can dash around and get lots done - odd isn't it? I think the weather makes a huge difference!

I love the knitted bunny in your other post ... must look back to see where the pattern came from? My son has collected all sorts of toy rabbits since he was little and though he's now 11, I'd love to sneak another one in his Xmas stocking! I'm not a brill knitter - would you consider making one for me to buy Mrs L?
Willow x

MrsL said...

Certainly, Willow, I'd love to. any preference of clothing colour - I could do a wee jumper on the bunny if that would be more suitable for your son than a dress?

Thanks both for your comments :)

Willow said...

Thanks so much!! I'll have a think about colours and send you an email, if that's ok? (Am off to look at assortment of bunnies scattered around his bed, for inspiration!)
Willow x

madhuri said...
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