Sunday, 30 November 2008

St Andrew's Day

Today, 30th November is, ofcourse, St Andrew's Day.

St Andrew the King, three weeks and three days before Christmas comes in - traditional saying

The commencement of the ecclesiastical year is regulated by the feast of St Andrew, the nearest Sunday to which, whether before or after, constitutes the first Sunday of Advent, or the period of four weeks which heralds the approach of Christmas. St Andrew's Day is thus sometimes the first, and sometimes the last festival in the Christian year.

Chambers book of Days, 1864

So, in honour of the Patron Saint of Scotland, we are, in good old Scottish tradition, having curry for supper. My granny would be ashamed of me........LOL :)

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Willow said...

Curry! ... that made me giggle! Happy St Andrew's day! Enjoy your feast!
Willow x