Thursday, 4 December 2008

Christmas pudding!

The traditional ending to the Christmas meal, and I make one every year. I don't make one and keep one, as I think it tastes just as nice with a couple of weeks maturing as it might with a whole year. besides, I would only lose it, or someone would eat it!LOL
Above is my 2008 version; I use the same basic recipe, but add in adn take away according to whim or what's in the larder. For instance, this year, there are no nuts in it, but there were last year. Other additions over the years have been various types of alcohol, both home made and bought, a spoonful of marmalade to add a zing, lime juice, different types of flour. They've all tasted good, although a far cry from the original Christmas puddings which were a type of gruel or broth with fruit and meat in them. One indispensable ingredient for me, though, is a scant teasoopnful of cocoa - just a little, it adds a real richness and rounds out the taste fo the pudding completely. No more than that, or it willt aste a bit chocolatey.
I have an old silver sixpence which goes in it, I think George VI, wrapped in greasproof and slipped in before steaming for the second time. I like a sprig of holly on top too, nice and simple. Lots of cream, though............


Willow said...

This looks a lovely pudding - I'd never heard of putting marmalade, or a tsp of cocoa in it before, but it makes perfect sense for a gorgeous flavour! Sounds like one of those "secret" ingredients that our grannies refused to pass on!!

Thanks so much for my little parcel by the way - have emailed you!
Willow x

spider said...

Maybe you will like to look at this:
The King of Puddings
Happy Christmas!