Monday, 1 December 2008

New cushion

A new cushion probably isn't high on the excitement list for a lot of people, but I thought you all might understand! This isn't just any cushion, though - it's teh first cushion cover I have ever bought:O LOL. The past twenty years has seen me make them, recycle them, buy from jumbles and car boots, charity shops and the tip. Mostly home made, quite often the pads for the insides too.
However, I saw this one on Friday in a local shop, and it just *had* to come home with me for my rocking chair. :) It turned out to be a bargain, as it was the last on the shelf, it had a cushion pad inside it, so I got that included in the price too. At 8.00, it would have cost at least that much for the fabric alone. It's very pretty I think, and looks lovely in the chair. The dog had better not widdle on that one.............LOL

Moving swiftly on - thought for the week! I read these wise words in an article in the Edcuation Otherwise newsletter:

If you take care of the now, the future takes care of itself.


Leanne said...

lovely cushion, and good quote Sarah1

leanne x

Sandybeth said...

MrsL, what a wondeful blog you have. I will be popping back regularly.
Sandybeth x