Monday, 8 December 2008

Cold, cold, cold.............

This is they sky I got up to this morning - pretty spectacular! Now, half an hour or so later, all the drama has receded and teh sky is back to cold, icy blue/grey, heavy with clouds. Thick frost again, nice and cold - outside. Itwas lhere the sun didn't hit. I don't mind being on the inside looking out at it! LOL I have to venture up to the Post Office later. Teh animals and birds don't seem to mind it too much, at least it's not wet for them.
The weekend seemed to whizz by - held a jumble sale for Hall funds on Saturday which went well; I came back with various bits, including a box of t-shirts to make into a rag rug. Yesterday was pottering and finishing off a jumper I had to re-knit for a friend. I did it ages ago, but the pattern isn't a good one - the jumper was HUGE, although, knitted to tension, and the sleeves were about 6" too long; so I unravelled it all last week, and it's now done, but 2 sizes smaller. I've just teh sleeves to sew in, but it looks much more wearable. Must be the week for sewing up here - at the beginning of the week I finished off another jumper for a friend - she likes teh knitting, but not the sewing up, so I did that and the neck for her. A pile of knitted cardigan bits arrived in the post from my sister for the same reason too, so I've that to do too. I'll get MrL's jumper finished one day!

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